5  ideas to learn Arabic in 30 days in 2021

Think in Arabic! That is the main advice Arabic teacher gives to you to understand and speak the Arabic language, you know the important this advice, but we know that you think a lot about the implementation this advice, how to really think in Arabic especially that you are non-native speaker, and the letters, vocabulary and grammars of your language is different from the rules and the structure of the Arabic language.

However, we are here to guide you, and give you all the tips that might help you to reach your goal, and be the master in the Arabic language.

In this Article we give you 5 inspired ideas to learn the basics of Arabic in 30 days, and explain to you how it is possible to understand the structure and grammar of the Arabic language in 30 days by practicing no theory.

How to learn Arabic in 30 days?

To achieve that goal, you need to set up a plan, not a rough plan with a firm schedule that makes you struggle or unmotivated. If you didn’t do what you have to do on this day, you need a flexible and creative plan that helps you to do your tasks/homework smoothly without feeling stressed.

This plan must be fulfilled and enthusiastic, and contain great ideas that fit with your day routine, and motivate you to do work on your dream.

Also, you need an Arabic mentor, who able to gives you good advice and guides that helps you learn Arabic in a month, and correct your pronunciations, grammar mistakes. etc.

Not his mentor be a person, it might be a blog, an online teacher or YouTube channel, a Facebook group for learning Arabic, be creative and find a helpful Arabic mentor, and until you find your mentor here are some ideas that will support you to learn Arabic.

5 ideas to learn Arabic in 30 days:

  • download habit tracking app:

This kind of app gives you a hand to control and build your routine to learn new habits such as speaking in Arabic, learning Arabic online, reading the Quran in Arabic, etc.

  • Use learning games online

Gaming is always fun, and to learn you need to feel good and motivated all the time, and learning games apps will give you the pleasure of learning and satisfaction, and one of the funniest and helpful learning games in Duolingo app.

  • Speak with random strangers in Arabic

This idea might be crazy for some people, but it is so helpful and makes you live a new adventure by speaking with a random stranger to practice Arabic and gain new friends.

  • Choose the best online Arabic course

This idea is a very important idea, you have to start an intensive online course which gives you the tips and tricks to understand, study and learn Arabic.

  • Learn vocabulary by using a vocab diary

This is so funny, write your diary in Arabic, not only write down the new vocab but also emprise yourself in a very expressive language – Arabic language