Study Arabic Online: How to choose the best online Arabic course for you? (+checklist)

Do you see studying Arabic online is difficult?! 

Study Arabic online is not easy. We know! But we believe in the power of the mind, and with small steps and with the right online Arabic course that fits with your learning study, follow up with your progress and make learning Arabic easier for you. 

There are some steps and tricks to choose the perfect online Arabic course

Things you have to know before
studying Arabic online

  • Learning styles:

First of all, to choose the best online course to learn Arabic, you have to know your learning style.

Are you a Visual learner who understands Arabic grammar from seeing mind maps, infographics, or any other visual arts, an auditory learner, a Reading/Writing learner, or a kinesthetic learner

What do these learning styles mean?

Visual learner: is a person who needs to write the Arabic letters and grammar rules out to focus and re-reading them to memorize them.

Auditory learner: is the person who learns Arabic words from hearing the sentences and repeats them.

Kinesthetic learner: is the person who needs to write the Arabic letters and grammar rules out to focus and re-reading them for memorizing.

Once you determine your learning style, you are ready to take the next step in your choice; because you already know which platform matches your abilities and learning style.

However, you have to put in mind that if the Arabic online course you chose did not give you the space to apply your learning style, this course would be your nightmare! You will be overwhelmed in the begging, and then it will burn you out after a while! So it is necessary to learn the language of the Quran through your learning style.

  • The Classroom VS one to one online course:

Second, you need to know the differences between the classroom and one-to-one online courses, the benefits you will get from each one, and the different services you will take. 

What the differences? 

  • Classroom: You will get the basics! 

Yes, you will discuss the information with your colleagues or your teacher.

However, you will get only 20% of the attention you need to learn Arabic online, so your motivation to learn Arabic will vanish sooner or later because after while you will recognize how unsatisfied it is! 

  • One to one online course: wherever and whenever you are, you will learn Arabic!

In this online course formula, the school or institute embraces the personalized online course method, which means that you will get 100% of the attention, motivation, and creativity to study Arabic online without any struggle.

On the other hand, this course formula gives you a private online class with a professional Arabic teacher. Who will: 

  • Answer your questions
  • Follow up with your Arabic studying progress
  • Teach you Arabic based on your specific level and learning style. 


  • Quranic Arabic (classical Arabic) VS modern Arabic standard 

To choose the best online Arabic course, you need to ask yourself a simple question, what the purpose of learning and studying the Arabic language? that to know which Arabic form you need to understand and which Arabic dialect you need to practice.

Once you answered this question the choice will be easier, you just need to know the differences between the Quranic Arabic and modern Arabic standard to see the whole picture. 

  • Quranic Arabic:

It is the classical Arabic or (Elfosha), it is the language of the Holy Quran, it is deep and full of rhetorical phrases, sentences, and expressions, it shows the beauty of the language, also it is the main Arabic form for all the dialect in every country, so if you can speak classical Arabic everyone in any Arabic country will understand you, also it is essential to learn in you want to understand Quran or write formally in Arabic.

  • Modern Arabic standard (MAS):

It is easier than the classical Arabic form, but it has a different structure and you will understand only the Arabic dialect you speak, for example, if you learned Egyptian Arabic so you will understand and speak Egyptian Arabic only.


Steps to choose the best place to study Arabic online

After knowing the differences between classical Arabic and MAS, the differences between online classrooms, and determination of your learning style, that is your checklist to 

- Understand the value of studying Arabic

- Setup your measurable goals for studying Arabic

- Read Guides and blogs about Arabic learning methods

- Choose the Date of your course

- Read the description of the online course 

- Be sure that it is a one-to-one online course

- Read the benefits you will get after studying this Arabic course 

- Ask your Arab friends if it is available

- Check up the payment methods

- Choose your Arabic online course

- Know your Arabic level

We know how wonderful is it to learn or study a new language! How every step you take in studying and learning journey make you feel proud of your self and your progress! And when it comes to studying Arabic online any progress you reach, give you amazing feelings of achievement. So Keep it up! And continue learning Arabic everyday.