Become A Native Arabic Speaker

Immerse yourself in unforgettable experience access the Arab culture

Arabic School offers you a personalized and rich learning journey to have well-command of Arabic and its sciences.


Progressive learning skills by the best Arabic tutors

Starting with the basics moving to the advanced levels, you will learn Arabic the right way through interactive classes, oral presentations, and follow-up exams.

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Our students' success stories

“Arabic is a beautiful language. There is no wonder they call it is the mother of all languages. Arabic School is an excellent place to master by absorbing it's culture and origin from our teachers.”

Tony Lubowitz

National Factors Associate

“My kids learned Arabic so fast. The tutors are amazing, and their teaching approach help children to learn the language easily and authentically.”

Wayne Brekke

Forward Markets Architect

“I wanted to learn Arabic as I relocated for my work and the great thing is the Arabic lessons cover all topics and every aspect of daily life. ”

Ms. Leland Bayer

Forward Integration Agent

Learn Arabic anytime, anywhere with 24/7 support

To reach a level where you can engage with any native conversation, you need to practice all the time. Our Arabic courses aren’t restricted to fixed schedules; you can learn Arabic anywhere 24/7.

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Our Vision

We in Arabic school dream to teach Arabic to anyone who wants to learn basics and take them to the next level in understanding grammar, vocabulary, and provide them with all the tactics to learn Arabic from the alphabet to differentiate between Quranic Arabic and modern standard Arabic  and speak it fluently with the native speakers.

Courses that fulfill every student needs

Every course is crafted to meet your learning goals. Make Arabic your new first language with high-quality classes that assess your knowledge and evaluate your level.