Arabic for kids


Learn Arabic of the Quran online course for kids

According to several studies, children are way better in learning second and third languages than adults. Starting from the age of five, a child can begin his second language learning process and depending on the child’s ability, it’ll take very little time for them to be fluent in the said language.

Hence, in our School, we have an Arabic course tailored specifically for kids. Our teachers do not only hold valuable degrees from the university of Al-Azhar in Egypt, but they are also experienced in dealing with children. They will keep the class entertaining through interactive games and activities to keep your child engaged.

In our online course, your child will learn and have fun at the same time.

What your child will learn:

  • Arabic alphabet and Arabic sounds
  • How to write in Arabic
  • How to read in Arabic
  • Arabic grammar
  • Arabic vocabulary
  • Arabic sentence structure
  • How to link letters and sounds
  • How to lead a conversation in Arabic

    They’ll also have many examples, games, and situations to apply what they’re learning. Our teachers go beyond the limits of grammar and vocabulary to lead an interactive class that your children will love every second of.

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