Arabic for adults


Learn Arabic online for non-native speakers | online course

The Arabic language is one of the most poetic and ancient languages that is still used till now. Besides being the language of the Holy Quran, it’s also spoken by 467 million people around the world. The Arabic language consists of 28 alphabetical letters and, as any other language, it has various sounds including vowels and consonants.

At Arabic School, we aim to teach our students how to master this mesmerising language. Using very advanced approaches, our qualified teachers will develop your Arabic skills and allow you to learn Arabic and love every second of your class.

In our online course, you will learn and have fun at the same time.

In our online course, you’ll learn:

  • Arabic alphabet and Arabic sounds
  • How to write in Arabic
  • How to read in Arabic
  • Arabic grammar
  • Arabic vocabulary
  • Arabic sentence structure
  • How to link letters and sounds
  • How to lead a conversation in Arabic

    You’ll also have many examples and situations to apply what you’re learning. Our teachers go beyond the limits of grammar and vocabulary and imply roleplay and life situations to keep you engaged. Our course will allow you to become an independent learner who will be so passionate about learning and digging for more.

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