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Arabic School aims to offer children and adults a top quality educational service for Arabic and Quran. We offer 1 to 1 live online classes on Zoom with highly qualified and skilled tutors who have graduated from Al-Azhar university in Egypt. Firstly, we start by teaching the Arabic sounds and letters then we gradually move up the ladder to fulfill the best learning experience you can have.

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Arabic school is an Online education platform that provides Arabic courses for non Arabic native speakers who desire to learn the Arabic language. We are interested in presenting our training courses for adults and children. Regarding the Curriculum, the Curriculum helps them to learn the secrets of the Arabic language starting from Arabic Alphabet Letters, Arabic vocabulary, and understanding Arabic grammar. Also, we are interested in personalising topics according to their levels and needs - we provide Arabic classes for Quranic Arabic and modern standard Arabic. Join us now and speak Arabic fluently with our native speakers.

Frequently asked

How do I enrol?

The enrolment process is very easy. All you have to do is going to the courses section, choose the course and the program that you want then finish the payment procedures. Once you’re done, we will contact you as soon as possible to know more about you and to schedule your classes.

What am I going to learn?

We have Quran and Arabic courses for kids and adults. You can choose to learn one of them or you can go for both. For the Arabic course, you’ll be learning:

  • Arabic alphabet and Arabic sounds
  • How to write in Arabic
  • How to read in Arabic
  • Arabic grammar
  • Arabic vocabulary
  • Arabic sentence structure
  • How to link letters and sounds
  • How to lead a conversation in Arabic

And in Quran courses, you’ll be learning:

  • Understanding the meanings of the Quran
  • The correct recital and Tajweed for each surah
  • Helping you memorise the Holy Quran
  • Arabic grammar
  • Revising what you’ve studied every class
  • Giving you extra material to help you progress

What can I do if I’m facing any trouble?

If you have any trouble, complains, or need to reschedule your classes, our educational specialists are working 24/7 and they’ll help you anytime of the day.

What can I do if I have any questions after class?

You can always contact our educational specialists and they’ll send your inquiry to your tutor. Then, they’ll send you the answer from your tutor. Feel free to send them your feedback or any questions that you have, they’re very helpful and are always seeking your happiness.

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