Learning Quran Online: The Beginning is Now!

Learning Quran Online: The Beginning is Now!


There are two main ways to learn the Quran and memorise: the traditional way and the online Quran learning. You might say to yourself “I want to learn Quran,” but you don’t know where to start from or how to start. This might even get more complicated if you are a non-native Arabic speaker since you’ll need a special qualified tutor to assist you. Your schedule might be so tight that you might not be able to get out from your house and go to mosque. Maybe it’ll be hard for you to stay committed. There are a million reasons why the traditional way of learning Quran might not be the best way for many people. This is why we are here. We offer Quran classes online with highly qualified and professional tutors who have graduated from Al-Azhar university in Egypt. They’re not only Quran teachers, but they’re also experts in communication and making you feel comfortable and understood during the online class. You’ll be able to learn the basic Tajweed rules, basic Arabic grammar, and also Arabic phonetics.

Now you can learn Quran at home, set your own schedule, and you can choose the program that’s best for you among our programs. Learning Quran at home has many advantages such as:

You’re in full command of your schedule and time:

Of course everyone is either busy with studying or working. Our schedules aren’t the same and that’s why it’s hard for many people to take Quran lessons at mosques because after missing one Quran lesson, they feel like they have missed a big part that they cannot retrieve. Hence, they’d gradually lose motivation to go to classes. However, the case is different with online classes since you’ll be able to decide your own schedule and if you have a sudden occasion that will prevent you from attending the class, you can reschedule it with our educational specialists.

Online Quran learning will save you so much time:

 since you can take the class anywhere as long as it has a stable internet connection, this will save you the time of transportation or coming and going from an institution. Wherever you’re in this world, you can just turn the interest on your phone or laptop and take your class at the decided time.