Arabic School: Origins and Goals

Arabic School: Origins and Goals


Arabic School is a remarkably life-changing platform for teaching Arabic and Quran. The staff of Arabic School is handpicked and chosen from the best tutors and educational specialists so that we can offer you a perfect service. Our tutors hold valuable degrees from Al-Azhar university in Egypt; meaning that they are the best in this field.

• What is the name of Arabic school?

The name of Arabic School is translated into “ ال مدرسة ال عر بیة ", pronounced as “El-Madrasah El-Arabia” because this is what it’s all about, Arabic. We’ve dedicated all of our efforts and knowledge to create a special place for all the people who want to learn Arabic and Quran. Arabic School isn’t like any online platform that will make you pay for a recorded course then leave you to deal with it yourself. On the contrary, our school for teaching Arabic and Quran gives you individual live classes with the best and most friendly tutors who will help you to stay on the right track the entire time.

The name of “Arabic School” wasn’t chosen randomly. Even though it’s simple, it expresses our essence clearly and shows how specialised and precise we are. By just looking at the name, you’ll know who we are and what we’re doing.

• What is our goal?

Our main goal is to facilitate the mission of learning Arabic and Quran to our brothers and sisters all around the world. No matter what your place in the
world is, as long as you have an internet connection and a working device, you’ll be able to join us and attend our classes.

You might wonder “Where can I learn Arabic in India?” Or “Where can I learn Arabic in England?” Surely, these countries don’t speak Arabic and it’ll be hard
for you to find a qualified Arabic tutor with a reasonable price in India, England, Canada…. etc. Hence, we made this so easy for you. Either if you’re in a country that doesn’t speak, or if you’re in an Arabic speaking country, you can join us easily and learn Arabic or Quran, or both with our talented tutors who will play an important role in changing your life.

To truly appreciate and understand the greatness of Quran, it should be taught and learned in its original language.

• What about time zones?

One of the first things you’ll think about before taking online classes is time difference. Time difference can go up to 12 hours between one country and
another. This is why we’re working 24 hours to be able to reach you wherever you are and whatever your timezone is. If your in India, Africa, China, or
anywhere in the world, there’ll be a time for you. If you prefer morning classes, or if you like to take your classes at night, you’ll manage to schedule your classes when it suits you.

With Arabic School, you can always take your class anytime of the day no matter where you are and whatever your time zone is. Remember that our main goal is helping you achieve your own goals. Knowing that you’re on the right track makes us feel accomplished more than anything else.