Best Practice and exercise to learn children Arabic

Best Practice and exercise to learn children Arabic


the Arabic language is a widespread language, there are nearly 480 millions persons speak Arabic inside and outside  Arabic countries , the Arabic language has Civilizations and cultures also the Arabic language has many Properties

often the persons who non – Arabic speakers people find some difficulty when they are learning Arabic languages especially the children Because it is not their mother language 

These difficulties are due to the Arabic languages has more grammar rules and  vocabulary, Synonyms and antonyms also there are some alphabetical are difficult to pronounce for non-Arabic speakers like as













D daad


But these difficulties don't mean the Arabic languages hard to learn there are many techniques and methods can make teaching Arabic language are easier than you expect as like 

How can you teach the Arabic Alphabetical without any difficulty?

  1. Before you start to learn the Arabic Alphabetical you have to memorize how each letter looks  and try to pronounce them many times using educational videos so you can listen and watch the Alphabetical, Try pronouncing each letter out loud several times. Take your time, and do this slowly.
  2. After you are getting familiar with the Arabic Alphabets and their sounds , write a list of all the Arabic Alphabet the ones you find difficult to say
  3. Try to practice them correctly by listening to them many times and repeat it until you have the right pronunciation.
  4. You can use apps, video, for showing you letters, sounds and try to produce the sounds with accuracy, take your time to test the letters more than one time
  5. The best practices for not forget the Arabic Alphabet letters is to find words start for every letter to can see how it is turning out in different positions in the words beginning , middle and end

The fifth previous points are showing you how can you learn the Arabic Alphabet letters easily ,for you and your children, especially Now let's know the Best Practice and exercise to learn children Arabic

the Best Practice and exercise to learn children Arabic

  1. Using fanny practice 

The best strategy to learn Arabic languages is to make it fun  like using a fun education method like a song, computer practice, Playing games, watching Awesome lessons, Print worksheets and flashcards  …. etc. 

2. Make a  vocab list, make a column, in the first column, write the Arabic word and you can write the English translation to make it easy to understand. Write it many times until you have mastered it

3. You can use some Arabic learning books that contain Arabic vocabulary. You can repeat the word a lot at one time 

4) Enjoy learning Arabic with stories 

    Actually stories affect our feeling and memory and we do not forget the words or quotes which we have heard from stories it is an easy way to remember vocabularies and grammars 

5) fined online teacher 

 Arabic.School website  is The best online platform to have excellent teachers , you can find excellent courses for children

at Arabic school website 

  1. Teachers save your children time and have an educational method to take children step by step in learning Arabic .


  1. The Native Arabic teacher corrects children's mistakes and provides a lot of practice to  evaluate them .

At you can find 

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