How to make Quran an Essential Part of your day?

How to make Quran an Essential Part of your day?


Life is busy, and we’re living in a fast-moving world. Some days, you might skip your Quran lesson or reading and you think “it’s okay, I’ll do it another time”. However, time passes and when you skip something once, you will have the tendency to skip it again and again. In this world, we’re all struggling to hold onto our religion and avoid the temptations life has to offer. However, some days may be harder than the others. If you ever feel like you’re not making being a good Muslim a priority anymore, this article is for you.

“You are the Best of Nations, taken out from the people (as an example) for the people, and you enjoin the good, you prevent what is wrong and you believe in Allah.” - Aali-Imran, verse 110.

Whenever you feel that you’re losing motivation to read Quran or that you’re not on the right path, read that verse. This is how Allah describes us Muslims, and keep in mind that we should always be worthy of this honour. Reading Quran everyday will definitely make you a better Muslim because it’s the foundation of Islam and once you make Quran a part of your day, you’ll notice how your life will change to the better. The important questions are: How do I start? And how do I keep going?

Starting is surely the hardest step of any process and the decision of initiating something may be delayed a couple of times till you finally decide to start. After starting, you’ll feel anxious about losing passion and stopping or passing. If you follow these tips, you won’t be burdened with the idea of skipping your Quran reading and you’ll make it an essential part of your day inshallah.

Read Quran after prayers

Besides the great rewards you’ll get for reading Quran, reading it after prayers isn’t a hard task. Usually, after paying, we’re tranquil and relieved which is the best emotional state for reading Quran. If you don’t have time in the middle of the day for your reading, you can set your mind to read a Quran page after your morning and night prayers. This way, you’ll have the best start for the day and the greatest end for it. Keep the Holy Quran book beside you while praying so that once you finish, you start reading from it.

Challenge yourself

The human self is naturally competitive and is always up for a challenge. If you decide to challenge yourself to read Quran daily, you’ll get very satisfying results.

Set alarms and label them

Some people have a fixed time for reading Quran and they set an alarm for them. However, labelled alarms are way more effective. Studies have proven that when you label your alarm with the task you want to do, it’s better because when you see the name of the task, you’ll feel a strong urge to do it.

To-do lists

If you don’t like alarms and you’re more of a to-do- list person, then you can add Quran reading to your list and try to never  skip it.

Find a partner

It’s always better to read with a friend. This way, you’ll both stay motivated and committed. If you don’t get to meet your friends everyday, that partner can be a work colleague, a spouse, or even a child! As long as this person is serious about wanting to read Quran on daily basis, you’ll be doing fine.

Make sure you understand what you’re reading

Even for native speakers of the Arabic language, many verses in the Quran seem vague and they have to look into the Tafseer (explanation)  of them. So, know that you’re not alone in this and search for the hard meanings. When you know the meaning of the verses, you’ll feel even more connected and passionate about reading and learning Quran.

Don’t read only, you can listen too

Sometimes, you feel like you don’t have time to read out that you are too tired to read. You can listen instead. Thanks to technology, you can find Quran on almost all of the podcast and sounds applications which will allow you to listen to it wherever you are. You can listen to it while you’re driving, while you’re walking, or even when you’re about to sleep. You can repeat after the Sheikh and this is will help you to improve your recital besides listening to Quran.

Take online classes

This is a whole other level of commitment. By taking online classes, you’ll always be motivated to learn and read more. In Arabic School, our staff is handpicked, and all of the teachers are holding degrees from the university of Al-Azhar in Egypt. They’ll accompany you throughout this journey and help you with everything you need to learn. The cool thing is that you get to set your own schedule anytime you want because we’re working around the clock.

Make Dua

Ask Allah to guide you and help you to read Quran and understand it. Making Dua to Allah to help you will work wonders if you truly have the urge to make Quran a part of your life.