It’s Never Too Late: Learning Quran and Arabic for Adults

It’s Never Too Late: Learning Quran and Arabic for Adults


As mentioned before several times, Children are way better in memorising and learning. They have this outstanding ability to learn in a much shorter time than adults. However, this doesn’t mean that the chance is over for adults. It’s never too late for anyone to learn something new. Especially when you have your mind set to learn something that’s so beneficial and eye-opening like Quran and Arabic. This is the type of thing Allah would surely give you the motivation to start and the perseverance to continue. Surely, you might have a full schedule that’s filled with meetings and unfinished tasks, you might be also taking care of your children. Or you even might be a student who is busy catching up with classes. Whoever you are and whatever your job is, there’s always a place for you and a chance for you to learn what you want.

• Why should we learn Quran in Arabic when its translation exists?

The translation of the Holy Quran is very beneficial, and the fact that it exists in multiple languages is so helpful for non-Arabic speakers. However, despite being a great work, it’s not really a literal translation of the Quran. It’s what we would call “an interpretation”. The reason for this is that the Holy Quran is the prophet’s miracle and it was revealed in Arabic as a challenge for all of the classical poets
and writers.

“And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down upon Our Servant
[Muhammad], then produce a surah the like thereof and call upon your
witnesses other than Allah, if you should be truthful.” (23)

Allah (SWT) made it clear that nobody can ever come with anything similar to theHoly Quran. Since Classical Arab poets were masters of this language and they would always show off their skills, The Quran was a miracle to them. Indeed, the can never write anything similar to that. Till now, people are still amazed by how complex Quran is.

The Holy Quran is full of miracles that can’t be truly appreciated and understood without learning it in its original language, Arabic. This is because in Quran, one word can have several meanings and the equivalent of this word in English would only cover one meaning. Moreover, the rhymes and puns won’t be
understood if it’s not in their original language.

To truly appreciate and understand the greatness of Quran, it should be taught and learned in its original language.

• Lost in Translation

As mentioned before, not the meaning of the Quran that’s lost in translation but the miracles are.

“Indeed, We (have) made it a Quran (in) Arabic.”

There are countless words in Arabic that only give the exact meaning only in Arabic and no other language. For example, the word اً س“نك " has various meanings in Arabic but probably would be translated in two or three words in English.

It’s crucial to mention that even though translations of Quran are very important, yet they differ from one version to other. The meaning is surely the same but the way used to convey this meaning is different, the structure isn’t the same. This stands against the idea of having a unified Mushaf, the idea that Uthman ibn Affan and Abu-Bakr has worked so hard to achieve.

Also, nowadays, many people give misleading interpretations to the verses of Quran. To avoid following these faulty words, you have to know the meaning
yourself in its original language.

Also, the Prophet (PBUH) has advised us Muslims to learn Arabic:

“Learn Arabic for it strengthens the mind and enhances chivalry”
[Al-Baihaqi, Shu’ab El-Eman [branches of faith]]

• Spirituality while Praying

Undoubtedly, it’s so different for you when you pray in a language that you don’t know, and if you’re praying in a language that you understand or even are still learning it. You’ll feel more spiritually connected to the words you’re saying and the verses you’re reading.

To achieve full mindfulness (Khushu) and concentration while praying, you have to understand and meditate the verses and prayers you’re reading. Your prayers will feel so different when you totally understand and feel every single word you’re saying.

• Steps to Learn Arabic for Adults

Now that after understanding the importance of learning Arabic and learning
Quran in Arabic, it’s time for you to know the steps to achieve your goal.

1. Be Mentally Prepared: The first essential step is preparing your mind and soul for the step you’re about to take. Put this goal in front of you and be
committed to it. Whenever you set your mind to a goal and dedicate a part of your time to achieve it, you’ll be rewarded with great results.

2. Join Us: Once you’re feeling motivated and ready, join us immediately and don’t waste that excited spirit. Signing up with us will take you a few seconds then our educational specialists will contact you to explaineverything to you. They will organise your schedule and see what’s best for you. Once you have your schedule arranged, you’ll be attending top quality classes with our tutors who hold degrees from Al-Azhar universityin Egypt. Our teachers are some of the best in the Middle East and they will make every second of your class a beneficial one. All of our staff members are handpicked; so, we guarantee you the best service in this field.

3. Stay dedicated: Surely, our tutors will keep you on the right track and will provide you with the required material to study after class. All we need from you is to stay dedicated and focused, we need your commitment and passion to help you reach your goal. We can’t say that this learning journey will be a piece of cake but we promise you to pave the way for you and make it as easy as it can be.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; take that step now start your journey with us. It’s a journey that you’ll never regret.