Learn Arabic with us in 2022

Learn Arabic with us in 2022


2021 is just a few hours away from ending and 2022 is soon to begin. The new year brings happiness, joy, and it comes with new goals and ambitions. Make
learning Arabic one of your goals in this year because it’ll change your life and open countless doors for you. If you decide to learn Arabic and you don’t know where to start from, we’re here for you and we’ll be your new friends in 2022.

• A New Beginning

A new year is a new beginning with new goals. Everyone gets excited for the beginning of the year and they feel more enthusiastic about achieving something. In the beginning of this year, set your mind to learn Arabic and dedicate a part of your time to learn it. The excitement of the new year and the motivational vibes it brings will give you a boost to stay focused and to fulfil your goal. There’s nothing that feels more accomplishing than deciding to do something at the beginning of the year and noticing your improvement as days go by. It’s not only a new year, but it’s a new beginning, and a new chance to do things and to learn.

• Learning is a Lifetime Process

No matter how old or young you are, learning is something that accompanies us throughout our entire lives. Learning a new language isn’t just something you’ll learn, forget, and never use again. On the contrary, it’s something that’s highly beneficial and it’s considered to be a really smart use of time. Learning a new language will allow you to get to know new cultures with new traditions, you’ll learn new stories both fictional and factious, and your career path will take a whole new turn. There’s a high demand for people who speak two languages or more to work in the fields of translation, localisation, interpretation, tourism… etc.

• Be Unique by Learning Arabic

Since Arabic is one of the widely spoken language yet one of the hard ones to learn, the demand for Arabic speakers is incredibly increasing. If you learn Arabic besides your native tongue, there’s a 100% chance you’ll find a job that requires both languages with a competitive salary. If you already have a job, your command of the Arabic language can also be your side hustle. You can start your freelance business in content writing, proofreading, or editing and copywriting. There are 25 countries around the globe that claims Arabic as it’s official language or co-official language; moreover, there are several countries that speak Arabic even though it’s not its official language. The number of non-native speakers is increasing every single day and the need for Arabic teachers or mentors is also increasing.

Learning Arabic is never a waste of time because it’ll be an eye-opening experience that will familiarise you with the traditions and magnificent history of
Arabic countries. Also, the more you read about the ancient Arabic civilisation, the more you’ll appreciate this language and feel the urge to master it. The Arabic civilisation has contributed to the success and arising for many other civilisations. Arab people have made unbelievable advances in Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, even Astronomy and many more fields. Besides all of that, Arabs were ahead of all the other nations when it came to literature, especially verse. Arabs, undoubtedly, were the masters of rhymes and meters. This why the Quran is in Arabic, to be a miracle in fluency.

Also, ancient Arab poets came up with new genres and they mastered them. For example, Badi' al-Zaman al-Hamadani, the great poet who created a whole new genre called “Maqam” which is poorly translated into “songs” but they are not really songs. His great book consisting of 52 episodic stories has been translated under the name “"The Wonder of the Age".

Any individual who learns Arabic should be proud for learning this language because its origins and history are great and deserve all the hype around them.

• Learn Arabic with us

Now that Arabic has gotten your attention and got you hooked, you may wonder how you can start? First, let’s highlight that the materials for studying Arabic is flooding the internet. They are everywhere; which makes your task easy but it also makes the starting point confusing. You have a lot of material and you don’t know which one to begin with and which skill to develop first.

Here comes our role to keep you on the right track and to help you stay focused. In Arabic School, we don’t just give you Arabic classes but we give you a whole experience that’s both enjoyable and unforgettable. With us, you’ll not only learn how to read and write, but we’ll tell you the tips to become an independent learner so that you can continue the journey on your own if you want. However, you’re always welcome to stay with us.
If you

If you decide to stay with, you’ll enjoy the following features:

  • Learning Arabic with the best tutors who are native speakers of the Arabic language and are also Al-Azhar university graduates who hold valuable degrees and are incredibly skilled.
  • 1 to 1 live sessions for better communication with the tutor. You can
  • always ask your tutor any questions and they’ll answer you immediately
  • If you have any questions after the class or during any time of the day, you can text our educational specialists and they will get back to you with the answer as soon as possible.
  • You’re in total command of your schedule and your classes. Also, we know that life gets busy and things happen. Hence, we’re pretty flexible with rescheduling a missed class or pausing your subscription for awhile.
  • We also offer you a variety of bundles to choose from; they’re suitable for all needs and budgets

So, you’ll not only learn Arabic with the best Arabic teachers but you’ll also be cared for after the class ends and we always make sure that your feedback is
heard. Arabic is a treasure for whoever discovers it, so don’t waste this chance. Happy new year to you, may you fulfil all your dreams and we hope that you join us.