The importance of learning the Quran in Islam

The importance of learning the Quran in Islam

Learning Quran has great benefits and importance in the Muslims life, the Quran is given Muslims High morals - instruction and lessons should Muslims apply in life whether transactions for general life or academic, work

The Quran is a source for a lot of rulings, advising, directing, guidance and training the Muslim should follow it also the Quran includes a lot of examples and stories has wisdom in teaching Muslims what is right and what is wrong 

Quran learning is equally required from both men and women, Muslims start learning the Quran from the early years of life.

The continuous connection with the Quran through its learning brings a Muslim closer to the Creator, brings great blessing in this worldly life, and will be a source of big reward in the hereafter

the main benefit of the Quran

the main benefit of the Quran is guided towards the straight path to Allah, The benefits of Learning the Quran are unlimited with, we cannot determine all the benefits of the Quran that Muslims gain but we can mention some of them as like

  1. The Quran is the way to make Muslim's life better through strengthens the Muslim's faith in God and make Muslims know and draw closer to Alla.
  2. Through the Quran, Muslims know The path of obedience, and what is the reward of obedience 'is people also the Quran lets Muslims know this through various stories and examples.
  3. Also, through Quran, Muslims can avoid the path of sins and the wrath of God and, what is the punishment of the people of Hellfire
  4. Reading the Quran helps in relieving stress and reducing anxiety and depression.
  5.  The Quran advises and counsels, guides, teaches, and enlightens the Muslims through thick and thin.
  6. The Quran is a complete doctrine guiding people towards truth and embarking them with the enlightenment  Islamic teachings.
  7. The Quran will intercede for Muslims on the Day of Judgment.
  8. There is a great reward for learning the Quran, there are ten rewards for each letter that Muslims recite from the Quran

      The 8 above points are some of the various benefits of learning the Quran

      Now you have to know some of the basic rules all Muslims have to do when they learning the Quran

      1. a Muslim must be on wudu when holding the Quran to learning or reading 
      2. Muslims must be reading the Quran with the esteem and concentration of mind and heart 
      3. Muslims should continually revision the Quran to avoid forget it 

      Finally, you should learn Quran from a teacher who has professional knowledge of the Quran with Tajweed and Tafsir that help you to understand the Quran better and while you are reading the Quran you understand the meaning 

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