The Journey of Learning a New Language

The Journey of Learning a New Language


Learning a new language isn’t an easy task but learning Arabic with us will change your opinion about this. Here in Arabic school, we use very advanced approaches for teaching that make us stand out.

Before learning a language, you’d ask yourself a couple of questions to decide which language you’re going to learn:

- Is this language a widely spoken one?

- Can I find tutorials and nearby classes for this language?

- How important learning this language is?

- How much would it take to become an independent learner?

- How am I going to stay motivated?

- Am I going to be able to practice this language and make sure I’m on the right track?

- Am I going to use this language on daily basis?

These are just some of the questions people frequently ask themselves before they finally decide to learn a language. If the chosen language is Arabic, we’ve surely got you covered and we have answers for all your questions.

- Is Arabic a widely spoken language?

Arabic is one of the famous languages that have wide global popularity. It is part of the Central Semitic language family which includes Aramaic, Hebrew, and Phoenician. The Arabic language is believed to have evolved from Aramaic more than a millennium ago among the Bedouin nomadic tribes in the deserts of the Arabian peninsula.

Arabic is spoken by 467 million people, meaning that it’s one of the most five spoken languages in the world. Also, it’s one of the six official languages in the United Nations. There are around 25 countries that have Arabic as its official or co-official language, so learning it will open a communication channel between you and these countries, allowing you to work or live there if you want.

- Can you find Arabic classes nearby?

Here comes our turn! Arabic School is a leading institute that offers 1 to 1 online classes for non-native speakers. The best thing is that we are everywhere! As long as you have a stable internet connection, we can reach you anywhere in the world. Our classes are not just normal Arabic classes, but they’re taught by highly professional and cultured native teachers who have graduated from Al-Azhar university, meaning that they hold very valuable degrees. So, Arabic classes shouldn’t be your concern at all because you’ll get the best Arabic course at Arabic School.

- How important learning Arabic is?

Apart from being ax widely spoken language as mentioned before, Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran. To be a good Muslim, you need to learn the Holy Quran and to do so, you need to learn Arabic because there’s nothing better than learning Quran in its original language. This makes learning Arabic a very crucial task for every Muslim, it’s almost an inseparable part of being a Muslim.

Arabic is like a part of Islam’s identity, our identity, so, it’s a duty to learn it in order to learn Quran better.

- How much would it take to become an independent learner?

Like any other learning process, becoming an independent learner of the Arabic language requires patience and passion. It mainly depends on the time you dedicate to study the language and also, on your abilities to learn and memorise. There’s no certain period of time. This is why in Arabic School, we offer you several programs that you can choose from. If you’re always busy or if you have a lot of free time, you’ll surely find a program that suits your time and budget.

- How am I going to stay motivated?

Staying motivated is an essential part of the process of learning anything. Once you lose passion and motivation, things start getting harder. Before answering this question, we need to look at the reasons why people lose motivation:

1- Not seeing noticeable progress.

2- Mood swings and depression.

3- Getting hooked on something else.

4- Having very tight schedule and your priorities start conflicting

5- Feeling bored

The list can go on and on but these are the main reasons people lose interest in doing something they were once so passionate about! In Arabic School, we assure you this won’t happen because our super friendly teachers will keep you motivated all the time. Also, they’re very flexible with time so if something comes up and you need to reschedule, it’ll be totally fine to do so. You’ll never feel overwhelmed in our online classes because the atmosphere the teachers create is very comforting and relaxing. Moreover, our whole staff will work on keeping you committed to this program till you achieve your goal.

- Am I going to be able to practice the language and make sure I’m on the right track?

Of course you will! And we don’t mean that you’ll be able to do it only in class. We mean that even after you finish your class, you can contact our educational specialists and ask them for extra material and they’ll provide it. You can practice with your teacher in class and you can send them questions that they’ll gladly answer after class. Moreover, you’ll have homework and quizzes to make sure your progress journey is going smoothly.

- Am I going to use Arabic on daily basis?

Surely you will! You’ll be using it while reciting Quran, praying, and surely during the classes.

Even if you are not working a job that requires Arabic, you’ll be always using it throughout the day because, as mentioned before, it’s an inseparable port of learning a language.

In conclusion, learning Arabic isn’t an impossible task if you set your mind for it. You can always achieve whatever your mind is set to achieve as long as you keep trying. We’re here to facilitate this task for you because we want to be a part of your journey. Also, we want you to be a part of our story. Every single student in the Arabic School is a fundamental post of our success story; we always want you with us. Know that you are capable of doing anything, including learning a whole language online.