Flex 40

Flex 40

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Our Flex 40 program gives you 40 hours of 1 to 1 classes with one of our qualified teachers. You’ll be in full command of your time since you can schedule your classes whenever you want and if anything comes up, you can reschedule easily. If you have more than one child, you can divide the classes between them, you can sign 2 kids or more.

What they’ll learn:

  • Arabic alphabet and sounds
  • How to write in Arabic
  • How to read in Arabic
  • Arabic vocabulary
  • Intermediate Arabic grammar
  • Arabic sentence structures
  • Starting a conversation in Arabic

This program is for parents who are willing to take their child’s Arabic skills to the next level. They’ll learn more intermediate- advanced skills in this course and by the end of it, they’ll be able to understand and make conversations in Arabic.

What you will get!

Native speakers

Highly qualified and professional native speakers who have graduated from Al-Azhar Uni, Egypt.

The courses are live

You’ll have the chance to experience virtual face-to-face interaction to meet your educational needs.

Individual sessions, not group sessions

To get the most out of your learning experience, we provide you with 1-to-1 sessions. Hence, the class will be planned especially for you.

The duration of the lesson is one hour

We want you to have a fruitful class that you can squeeze in your schedule. A one hour is suitable for you to do so.

Morning and evening appointments

We’re working around the clock so you can schedule your class any time, any day that you prefer.

Follow-up by educational specialists for the student

Your class doesn’t end when it’s finished. If you have any inquiries, you can always contact our educational specialists.