Hadith studies for kids and adults

Hadith studies for kids and adults

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Be the master!

Arabic school believes in the power of the Arabic language and if you want to be the master in it, and be fully aware of the Islamic teachings, it is important to understand not only the Quranic language but also the classical one, and in the science of Elhadeth, you will learn and understand the deep meaning of the Arabic language rhetorical sentences, and give you a complete explanation of the Islamic teaching.


Moreover, we also care about your kids, and the importance of learn them good morals, values, good habits, and the interpretation of Quranic verses.


We know that you want to teach your kid all of those principles, and we grantee that the el-hadith online course will help you in that because we will teach the kids the good values and morals throughout learning El-hadith El-sharif and the valuable habits of the Prophet Muhammad.