6 easy steps to learn Arabic effectively

6 easy steps to learn Arabic effectively


Often the persons who non speak the Arabic language face some trouble learning and speaking Arabic - that is because they don't have the right learning structure to encourage them to learn and speak the Arabic language  

In this article, we can provide some helpful advice that will provide them with good starting points for starting to learn and speak Arabic effectively. This advice is suitable for both children and adults who need to learn and speak the Arabic language.

 The Arabic language is the oldest and it is also the language of the Quran. Also, the Arabic language has too many things such as grammar, poetry, rhetoric … etc 

So if you would like to learn the Arabic language step by step you have to determine your objective. maybe this objective for business or travel and to live in the Arabic region or maybe to learn to read the Quran Kareem …. etc The objective of learning is very important to get a learning plan to help you to learn and speak Arabic effectively

 Know we will getting start to provides Guide as tips to help you learn Arabic  

 1- How to learn Arabic alphabetical letters?

 the first thing you must learn in the Arabic language is the Alphabetical letters it considers the key to reading and writing Arabic and there are 3 facts you have to know during learning Alphabetical letters the following 

  • The Arabic language read from right to left 
  • There are 29 alphabetical letters in the Arabic language 
  • The Arabic alphabetical letters do not have capital and small letters 

And actually, there is a website and app you can use to learn Arabic Alphabetical letters with their sound. you can learn the name of letters and listen to an audio recording 

2-  try to learn Arabic Pronunciation 

To can pronunciation, the Arabic language correctly try to listen to and watch more videos about Arabic pronunciation 

3- learn Arabic vocabulary 

learn common Arabic words and phrases always to use in general life 

This step is the result of step one now you know the Arabic alphabetical letters and practices them with their sound in these steps you will learn some common word or phrases you will use in general life like 

  • Mar’haba / Salaam مرحبا / سلام
  • Good morning / Sabah Al Kheyr صباح الخير
  • Goodbye / Ma’a salaama مع السلامة
  • How are you? / Keef Halak? كيف حالك؟
  • (I’m) Fine, thanks / (Ana) Bikheyr, Shukran (أنا) بخير، شكرا
  • You are welcome / Afwan عفواً
  • My name is …… /. Ismii ….. إسمى ….. / أنا إسمى …… etc 

This common word makes communication much easier for you also try to know the Arabic number to count 

4- Try to listen more to the Arabic sound  

Listening is the most important skill to enhance gain language so try to listen to Arabic native speakers with learning education program to can understand and concentrate also try to listen to Arabic podcast - watch Arabic t.v - Arabic song …. etc 

5- try to practice the Arabic you learn 

Practice Arabic with native speakers - speaking skills are the most important to practice and gaining the Arabic language.

6- try to find an excellent resource to learn with online courses 

If you won’t search and confuse between website and app you can visit our website Arabic School you will find online training courses for children and adults to learn Arabic easily.

Arabic school courses 

  • Arabic School courses are online courses single courses not a group with native Arabic speakers instructors help you through Arabic Curriculum to learn the Arabic language according to your objective and need 
  • Flexibility in scheduling morning and evening hours  
  • Arabic learning Curriculum depends on practice exercises to gain the Arabic language  

We will be pleased to answer any requirement through our website...

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