10 Arabic activities for beginners you have to know

10 Arabic activities for beginners you have to know


 In this article, we will take you to the "Arabic park." It is a park full of Arabic activities for beginners, amateurs, and advanced people who need to understand, speak and write the Arabic language fast and perfectly. We will have fun together, and step by step; We will build our unique community where everyone can smoothly speak and write in Arabic.

The connection between a roller- coaster and Arabic activities for beginners:

Learning Arabic is fun; when you decide to do it with passion and look for alternative ways to understand the Arabic language, it is a road that needs spontaneity, planning, creativity, and patience.

But how to do that? How do combine all these elements into one road? How to set up goals and break them up to achieve your main goal? It is like a roller-coaster!

You will not have fun if it is unsafe or poorly designed by the engineer! Everything needs a plan despite the most creative and spontaneous activities.

So we decide to build an Arabic roller-coaster that is fun and helpful, and in no time, you will recognise how writing and speaking Arabic is fun and full of surprises.

Arabic activities for beginners: 

1- Set up your goals :

It is a default step! You can't reach something you don't know about, so decide your goal, and to make it easier, we suggest to ask yourself those questions:

  • Why do I want to learn Arabic?
  • Which form of Arabic do I love to learn?
  • What do I need to know about Arabic Grammar?
  • What accent do I want to know more about?

2-Don't buy a dictionary! Buy comics!

We know it is essential to learn to read Arabic dictionaries, but we guarantee that it will take you too much time and effort to understand it, so you can depend on google to know the meaning of the words; write them down to memorise them.

However, one of the most important Arabic activities for beginners is to read a book at least per month; therefore, Start with Arabic children's comics; as a beginning. Thus; Buy a novella or short stories for kids, then; Buy your first novel or educational book>

3- Puzzles

Try to solve a crossword puzzle, or ask any Arabian guy to create any puzzle game that helps you understand the meaning of the words.

For example, you and your friends can print photos of all the furniture in the house and the Arabic alphabet, then each one of you tries to collect the letters for each word in the furniture photos.

4- Arabic Maps 

Check google maps in Arabic and discover countries' names in Arabic.

This activity will help you memorise Arabic letters and learn new words in Arabic.

You can also search for an Arabic map game, and create a small guess game to practice what you learned from google maps.

5- live groups

It is the most creative and funny way to learn Arabic, you don't have to do anything except join a Facebook group for learning English and start to gain new friends who can speak Arabic and practice speaking Arabic with them.

6- Watch online Arabic lessons :

There are dozens of free Arabic lessons that help you know more about Arabic grammar, letters, words, and everything you need to know before starting your professional online courses.

You can also watch conferences, news, or short videos that contain Arabic transcriptions or Arabic translations to teach the Arabic alphabet and letters.

7- Ask!

Never be shy! Ask about everything you want to understand! Share your ideas about any topic you learned in Arabic. Don't feel uncomfortable about your accent, and speak!

8- Write your diary in Arabic

It is super helpful and fun! You will know more about yourself and test your level in writing Arabic, and by that time you will feel more confident while writing in Arabic. Eventually, you will write good Arabic paragraphs and essays.

9- Arabic practice quizzes and Tests

This Arabic activity will help you define your Arabic level and know your strength and weakness in Arabic. There are a lot of online and free Arabic quizzes and tests.

10 - Never Stop practising

It is the main Arabic activity for beginners you have to do! Never stop practising, and never get disappointed. Your failure is a step towards success. Be positive, let's learn Arabic, and remember to have fun is your biggest goal.

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