Best Practice and exercise to learn children Arabic

the Arabic language is a widespread language, there are nearly 480 millions persons speak Arabic inside and outside Arabic countries , the Arabic language has Civilizations and cultures also the Arabic ….

10 Arabic activities for beginners you have to know
 In this article, we will take you to the "Arabic park." It is a park full of Arabic activities for beginners, amateurs, and advanced people who need to understand, speak and write the Arabic language fast and perfectly. We will have fun together, and step by step; We will build our unique community where everyone can smoothly speak and write in Arabic. The connection between a roller- coaster and Arabic activities for beginners: Learning Arabic is fun; when you decide to do it with passion and look for alternative ways to understand the Arabic language, it is a road that needs spontaneity, planning, creativity, and patience. But how to do that? How do combine all these elements into one road? How...
The ultimate guide to learn Arabic for non- native speakers
The Arabic language is considered one of the oldest and richest languages ever. Therefore, God Almighty chose it to be the language of the Noble Qur’an, before Islam reached its climax in expressing all the essentials and everything related to life, especially eloquence and literary production, poetry and prose, and the emergence of sciences. Coincided with the descent of the Holy Qur’an, civilisation has spread in the Islamic world, and among these sciences: history, medicine, chemistry, foundations, and Arabic language sciences from the exchange, grammar, rhetoric, etc., so the status of the Arabic language has risen and has become the dominant language in the Arab countries and Muslims, and this all becomes clear The power of the Arabic language due to its strong statement, the authenticity of...